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We are all strangers from the start

{Tuesday, March 18, 2014} 3:35 AM

Well hello beauty ladies

Today I'm going to share with you ladies amazing products that I have tried and used before sharing my experience (that's what took so long to review them). Anyway, I was invited to the party over at Orchard Building/ Shiseido and I'm so glad to see all my friends there. So, the theme was floral x mystical and we all have to be dressed according to the theme. Here is my #ootd , wearing floral bodycon dress that I have bought from Sashaxoxo with a simple heels and off i go! 

Did i mentioned that they even design a game card for everyone with our pictures and names on it and we have to go to each station that they had designed and play their game. I love their design and display of all the items, there's flower petals everywhere, lit candles and products everywhere so you get to try !

First station i went to: Choose your favourite type of eyeliner drawn / Choose your favourite lip color / Choose your favourite hairstyle

So I chose ' The Charming Deminsal ' , which is the type of eyeline which i loved to draw on my own, a little flick at the end for a more flirtatious look. And here is the description : You like to play it simple and let your personality shine but also enjoying the limelight sometimes.

My favourite lip color would be the nude lip which everyone adores. It's called ' The Suggestive Simplicity ' .
I chose it because nude lipsticks will never go wrong with any type of eye makeup you want to rock with. Smokey eye makeup, goes very well with nude lip color. Even your everyday makeup look suits nude lips too ! And here is the description if you like nude lip colors too : You like to go with the flow and not be in the limelight, but in some events, you can be sexy and gorgeous.

Next, I chose my favourite hairstyle which is black, thick and wavy. It is called ' The Bedazzle Spark ' . If you love similar hair styles, here is the description : You're bold, fun and usually the one to initiate plans, but every once in awhile you enjoy being pampered.

Look at the gorgeous bags! They are displays of http://www.paris-7.com/ , and if you are one of those girls who loves branded goods, do check them out because they are selling cheaper than retails and are all authentic !

Address: 205 Balestier Road #01-05 The Mezzo
Singapore (329682)
Website: www.paris-7.com
Instagram/Facebook: +65 9722 5680
Email: enquiry@paris-7.com

Saw ZY over at the event, isn't she beautiful :)

Tadah ! The Ma Cherie Hair Products ~

They are launching the refill pack of Ma Cherie Shampoo/Conditional. And we are given some goodies to try them at home, and I am LOVING IT ! It have a fragrance that no shampoo has it, best part of all, it is all in PINK.

The secret of Ma Cherie
Formulated with Champagne Honey Gelee that allows your fingers to glide through smooth silky hair.
Champagne- Protect against environmental free radicals and oxidative stress
Honey- Naturally retains moisture and add shine to hair
Hydroxyethyl urea- Effective moisturizing ingredient
Inositol- Vitamin B that softens hair

Indulge in the fragrance, Melt in every sensation 

They have two different types of hair products for different types of consumers. The Air feel gives volume and shine to fine hair while the Moisture type gives silky lingering smoothness that treats dry ends. I'm using the moisture type because I have dryness and split ends :( Problems having long hair :(

With the pretty Audrey, we are using the same camera :)

They have a photowall for everyone to have their pictures taken there! With Shanel, Audrey and Clarabel :)

Next Station, my favourite out of all the stops which is the MAKEUP BOOTH :)

They have their all new products and also all time favourites laid on the table and are are busy trying the new products because I have always been a big fan of Majolica Majorca.

Chapter 40 : Eye Hunter 

The Line Hunter allows the use of different angles of the brush to create your desired line. 
Delicate line or strong, bold line, this liquid eyeliner allows you to draw the line that will pierce right into his heart. With such a smooth texture, no technique is required to produce beautiful eyes. Furthermore, it is sweat and sebum proof. It is easy it cleanse off and contains essence to treat eye area.

And next the new Perfect Automatic Liner in VI303 and RD303, One is in soft purple (cool and calm) the other one is in cherry red (hot-blooded) Both colors are very soft and easy to use for everyday makeup look or even when you feel a little romantic you can add the colors on your eyes instead of using eyeshadow which might be too strong for a first date :)

Attract with these 2 shades of beautiful colours. You will not be able to take your eyes off the glimmer and shine of the soft pearl.

One of my favourite lip gloss :)

The two new shade for lip junkies like me is in town! Be trapped in the melting richness of the lip gloss, wait no further to get this rich gloss on your lips!

Last stop would be this table of goodness, you have to throw in three silver balls and there's prizes for everyone :) What a enjoyable evening I had with all of my friends.

Last but not least,

Exquisite Wardrobe is there too! They have all the vintage pieces which suits any type of body. Their clothings are all one of a kind, do check them out if you love to be special and extraordinary, look no further and head on down to

14 Scotts Road
Far East Plaza #03-95
Singapore (228213)

Goodbye, and till next time. 
Stay Beautiful 

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