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We are all strangers from the start

{Tuesday, August 6, 2013} 10:51 PM

I am back with a awesome product that I want to share with you beautiful ladies out there! It's from Etude House and it's called ' I need you, Honey ! ' what an adorable name right ? It's a facial massage pack formulated with medical herbs and honey to soften nourish and replenish your skin. It's like a jelly-liked mask , very sticky and smells great. It comes in four packs , directions is stated on the product.

Ingredients: Honey, Ginseng, Red ginseng, Cactus and Angelica-extracts

Directions: After facial cleansing and prior to toner application, massage pack onto facial surface. Avoid contact with eyes and mouth, leave on for 10 minutes and rinse off with lukewarm water

Benefits for Honey: Honey promotes new tissue growth and it stimulates the skin. It also makes a great exfoliant, containing mild alpha hydroxy acids which are very safe to use on skin, it loosen bonds between the dead skin cells making it easier to shed this dead layer. It also increase elasticity, balance out oily skin, stimulate collagen production and minimize lines and wrinkles (So you and your mum can share the same product together ;) ) Honey locks in moisture in your skin, allowing your skin to be hydrated throughout the night.

Rate:  4/5

I've used it for a period of time now and I've certainly seen improvement on my skin. Sleeping in a air-conditioned room allows the atmosphere to dry out my skin. I've used the old fashion way of putting a glass of water beside my cosy bed, but i feel that it's not enough to protect my skin. So, i go ahead and try this product out and I am pretty surprised about the outcome. I felt refreshed, clean and baby smooth skin. I do apply my night-skincare routine to aids on the effect. Will be doing a full skincare routine blog post soon!

Price: $5.90 SGD

For a packs of four, the price is definitely cheap! But I do feel that you have to share a capsule with another person as the amount given in one capsule is a lot, so i recommend you sharing with your sister/mother/grandma . But for me, i always kept the remaining in a tightly-sealed container and keep it in my fridge for next day usage.

My masking routine:
I always do this daily before my night skin care routine, after my toner

Monday - Sheet Mask
Tuesday - Night Mask (overnight mask, to be wash-off the next morning)
Wednesday - I Need You, Honey
Thursday - I Need You, Honey
Friday - Clay Mask
Saturday - Sheet Mask
Sunday - Rest

Stay chic, stay tuned to the next blog post.

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