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We are all strangers from the start

{Friday, August 2, 2013} 8:34 AM

I guess this is nothing new. Random thoughts and stuff will be posted here so, enjoy your stay. Update about my life and sharing good stuff that i've found all around our little red dot or overseas. I have been really busy. because of my job. I'm still working as a freelance event talents, i don't call myself a model because i think those that fit into the criterial are like fashion runway models that modelled for chanel etc. Even though i've been in magazines but i still think that fitting into the criterial means much more. A size zero, 185 cm standing (at least), very strong runway vibe, lastly that charisma in major huge print ads across the borders. I don't think people should categorize themselves as 'models' if they are not what i've mentioned above. 

Well, It's cliche because many still acknowledge themselves as one. 

Back to my own life, I'm still struggling if i should continue my studies. I have many factors to think about, although many tells me i'm still young, but time does not stop for me. I guess i still need to figure a way out of all these issues. 

Meanwhile i shall post a few pictures of what i have been doing except for working. Recently went out with Shren for some shopping, she passed me her home-baked carrot cake (aw, how sweet of her). And I have to admit, it's so damn good ! I even encourage her to open a online platform selling these delicious pastries. 

 Those fluffy moist texture ~ Oh my, makes my tummy growl. I'm a sucker for these little sweets, just let me eat all of these and don't grow sideways.

Anyway, my makeup here is good for daily makeup-look. Because I find this look pretty clean and simple yet presentable. And it doesn't even take difficult skills or techniques, it's pretty time-saving too. Should i do a makeup tutorial for this look? Comment please or just facebook message me, i'm very friendly towards ladies (HAHAHAHA)

After all that shopping/eating/talking, we went separate ways. I head over to Ichiban with Jake because we both need to satisfy our cravings. They serve decent sashimi and other japanese cuisine, much better than Sakae sushi. I swear Sakae sushi is overpriced for their food, and the quality is not awesome either. So, we head over to line-up for our turn, it's always so packed with people during dinner time, but the waitress asked us if we were okay with counter seats, and since we are so impatient and hungry, we agreed to it. I had never mind counter seats because both Jake and I eat super duper fast, and it was rush hour, so we just head over. Just as we lay our ass on the seats, a foul stench passed right into my nose, I turned back and to my horror, our backs were facing the kitchen BUT nearer to the kitchen sink. The trash bag was so smelly that every time a person walk in and out of there carries the smell right into our noses. Immediately we request for an exchange of seats, and they were very polite and change for us right away.

After the change of seats, we quickly get our order going. Because we visits Ichiban very often, we already knew what to order, so everything came very quickly and smoothly. While waiting for the food, i kept using my new awesome camera that Jake bought for me as a surprise. Jake was like, since when you became a photographer? I love the quality of Samsung EX2F so much, see how clear the pictures of our food is. OMG i just made myself hungry by uploading these pictures. (I'm so sorry if i made your stomach growl too)

I'm going to have my good night beauty sleep as i have event tomorrow. Goodnight everyone, and i hope you enjoyed your stay here. Will be posting more random things in my life, and also some beauty tips. Goodnight !


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