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We are all strangers from the start

{Saturday, August 10, 2013} 4:53 AM

I've uploaded my first Youtube video! I'm sorry but I still have not figured out how to edit a video, so I just uploaded the raw version of it. It's my first Vlog = Video Blogging. Showcasing the stuff that I had bought, although I must admit I talk a lot in this video and It's 15 minutes long.. So don't blame me for not warning you guys before watching. I'm doing a blog post on the things that I'm showing in the video, more details of the product will be written here ;) I do not have a proper lighting and a proper camera stand, so the video looks pretty dark. Do subscribe to my Youtube channel, https://www.youtube.com/user/AylnaN?feature=watch

This is the Dual Show Volume Mascara from Etude House. I have been using this daily after the video was made, and I simply love it SO MUCH! I used to love Maybelline's mascara as their formula is very good and really does what it proclaims. So does this product! I'm lucky to be borned with long eyelashes, hence i need volumizing mascara instead of lengthening, I'm really glad I found this product. And it is so user-friendly, there's two different sides, one for the top eyelashes and another side for the bottom eyelashes. I am liking the smaller wands used for the lower eyelash, as the comfort level of putting mascara on my bottom eyelash is high. The wand is a little slanted for easy access to the bottom lashes. Will purchase this again after it hits the bottom of the container.  

Next, we have Revlon Photoready 2-way-foundation. My foundation routine used to be 2-way-foundation and that's it, but I always dislike putting a lot of foundation on my face hence I switched to tinted moisturizer + loose powder. And I always use 2-way-foundation to do touch up on oily area especially the nose area. I've been really tanned lately due to a lot of golf event happening in August. My foundation became darker and darker... VERY SAD, so I shall act like I'm a very healthy person and goes to the beach often (;

My two most favourite items! I've restocked them as my previous ones were hitting the bottom soon. I love this series of products as it smells so nice and really works like magic on me. Loving the makeup remover as I am someone who hates makeup remover that is oil base or cream base. It just makes me feels that it's not totally removed, even after I had washed my face. So, I have been using the 'Clear Cleansing Water' and the end results after removing the makeup is bouncy soft baby skin. I absolutely love the sebum control mist, as my skin is combination skin ( just like most of us ) hence my T-zone area always products more oil than to the rest of my face. I always spray it last after I've did all my skincare routine and after I'm done with makeup.

Sleeping pack is like my daily dose of Mocha Frappe. (Oh my, I've used the 'Lemon' flavour already) I love putting this on, it makes me feel that my skin is protected throughout the night. They have different flavours and they all serve different purpose. 'Lemon' is able to lighten up the scars and close the pores so I used it first, really love how soft my skins feels the next day after I wash it off.

I love to bring smaller eyeshadow palettes out for touch up, and I love neutral colored eye-shadow so this makes a pretty decent palette. This product is able to stay on my eyelids for the whole day, and the color is very vibrant. Nothing bad about this product yet, will try their other color series next time.

Restock my eyebrow mascara, I love to use this product on my brows as I have very thick and dark eyebrows and I will look pretty fierce if I drew my brows in black.

As mentioned in the video, the sales lady actually recommended silkygirl's eyeliner. And I am really surprised, the liner is very thin and it is not opaque. Best part is this is so dirt cheap, such a good deal.

Stay tuned to the next blog post/video. :)

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